Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tuning an STI to higher horsepower levels

We had the opportunity recently to tune a beautifully prepared 2006 WRX STI that was put together by GT Performance in Maryland.  Among other goodies, the car sports a fully-built 2.6-liter block with custom dry-sump oiling, a built-up dog-gear transmission, a complete roll cage, and even air jacks.  A Garrett GT35R turbocharger pushes air into a Cosworth intake manifold, and through Cosworth heads.  The car made a whopping 565 whp on our dyno.  Here's a look at an earlier dyno run -- a mere 500 whp:

Here's the car on the track at Summit Point:

We look forward to working with the GT Performance crew some more in the near future.

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