Sunday, July 25, 2010

GT Performance dyno video

This is the video from the second tuning session with the GT Performance race car.  With boost peaking at about 22 psi, tapering to 20 psi, the car made 565 horsepower at the wheels.  It's running 100 octane fuel.

Video here:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tuning an STI to higher horsepower levels

We had the opportunity recently to tune a beautifully prepared 2006 WRX STI that was put together by GT Performance in Maryland.  Among other goodies, the car sports a fully-built 2.6-liter block with custom dry-sump oiling, a built-up dog-gear transmission, a complete roll cage, and even air jacks.  A Garrett GT35R turbocharger pushes air into a Cosworth intake manifold, and through Cosworth heads.  The car made a whopping 565 whp on our dyno.  Here's a look at an earlier dyno run -- a mere 500 whp:

Here's the car on the track at Summit Point:

We look forward to working with the GT Performance crew some more in the near future.