Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blouch 20G-XT on the car

We bolted the new Blouch 20G-XT turbocharger to our STI, and rolled it back onto the dyno for some more pulls.  The turbo delivered as advertised.  Spool was a little slower than the Tomei ARMS turbo we had on the car before, which is understandable given how much larger the turbine outlet is on the 20G-XT.  The car made a lot more horsepower at the same boost levels -- 33 more hp and 30 lb-ft of additional torque to the wheels.  An added benefit that isn't seen on the dyno graphs is that off-boost throttle response is better -- the more wide-open turbo outlet probably is the reason.  The exhaust note is a bit louder now, too!

Most of the time when we put a 20G on a car we've also done a turbo induction hose, TGV deletes, and headers, none of which are on our car.  When we do get those mods done, we'll dyno again.  I'd expect another 10+ hp at that time.


Anonymous said...

Does the 20G-XT have the 7^2 or 8^2 housing? Had a friend that moved from 7 to 8, definitely noticed an increase in lag.

Mach V Dan said...

It's an 8cm2 housing. 7cm, from experience, is going to be a good bit more responsive at the low end, at the expense of a little top-end horsepower.

Andrew said...

What kind of gas mileage are you seeing now with all these power upgrades?