Sunday, January 11, 2009

Exterior Almost Done

The Seibon hood is now painted white. We left the vents in the natural carbon fiber just to give it some variety and to reveal what the hood is made of.

Some more details about installation on the hood: It uses the factory hinges and hood struts. Ideally, we'd find some weaker struts, because the original stru
ts are very strong in comparison to the new lighter hood. The hood has holes for the stock windshield squirters, although the holes weren't quite bit enough, so we hogged them out a bit to fit. The original hood latch is bonded into the fiberglass, so it should be secure for the life of the hood, although if I was going to race this car I'd use hood pins in addition.

We also added Subaru's rear exhaust garnish trim, which are metal bits that surround where the tailpipes exit the car. I like the look of them, although not everyone is positive about 'em.

The exterior of the car is just about done. We're debating adding a front lip. It would enhance the look and improve the aerodynamics, but it would also make the car a little harder to use in the real world -- and who likes cracking a fancy custom front lip trying to get into some driveway?

In other news, we expanded the Mach V Media Empire with the addition of a Facebook page. (I think you'll have to log in to Facebook to view it.) Check it out, write on the "wall" if you want. Is this what we do now instead of watching TV? Collecting friends on facebook has a little of the feeling of collecting the Franklin Mint Fifty States Collector Plates or something. But what do I know...


sprqman said...

I just found your blog and I'm looking forward to seeing the STI grow.

Anonymous said...

The GR looks great! It looks much, much better with the hood painted.

I actually bought an '06 STi this past Monday. Once I get my budget and a plan worked out, I may be stopping by the shop since I live in Fairfax.

Keep updating, good to read this stuff to pass the time at work.