Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photo Shoot!

We assembled a crack team of photographers and assistants -- okay, okay, it was just me -- to shoot the Mach V STI on a summer evening. Many mosquito bites later, we had a few shots we liked.

If you're interested, I was using a Canon 30D digital camera, with a couple of different lenses, and a tripod.

In my experience, it's MUCH easier to get good car shots during the "golden hour" right after sunset, or right before sunrise. Not only do you get nice sky colors, but the car details are also softened up a lot, and little flaws -- chips or small bits of dirt -- are less obvious. But it's tough because there's only about an hour, and setting up shots a
nd moving the car and equipment around is time-consuming.

You can view more pictures -- and mega-sized versions of them -- over at this thread on NASIOC.

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