Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Interesting Design Details

Here are some details about the car that I found interesting in my first 200 miles...

  • The STi logo on the center console lights up at night
  • There are dim red lights in each footwell. Reminds me of a German car.
  • The clock also features an average MPG display, but there are no other trip computer functions unless you spring for the $4000 nav-plus-BBS wheels package.
  • If you set your EZ Pass electronic toll thingie on the clock cutout in the dash, it works fine.
  • The car is tall! I almost can't reach the center of the roof. I looked it up -- it's 1.6" taller than the older Impreza STI.
  • The seats are not Recaros, but they're very comfortable. And the Alcantara is grippy.
  • The gauges do a sweep thing (self test?) when you start the car, but you can disable that if you like, according to the owner's manual.
  • It's got a six-disc changer, and it plays MP3 data CDs. That means...lessee...about 65 hours of music if you just stuff six full CDs in. Not bad.

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