Monday, October 11, 2010

Boost and Wideband Gauges Installed

One of my personal peeves is that turbo cars should all come with turbo boost gauges.  I'm surprised I let our STI go without one for so long.  But this past week we finally remedied that situation (thanks, Mach V shop staff!), and we got a new Prosport Halo boost gauge and wideband air/fuel meter in the car.  As you've probably seen from previous posts, we like the windshield mount pod, and chose that for our car.  It keeps the gauges off the dash, which really doesn't have a lot of room, and the pod is nicely concealed from outside the car.

I made a video showing all the features of the gauges.

I'm just happy to be able to see what boost pressure the car is running without having to hook up a laptop or AccessPort to see it.  Want to have gauges just like this?  Buy 'em from our web site.  You'll thank me later.